Holy Spirit Living

The Holy Spirit is a subject that many are either too shy to talk about or too excited to portray correctly. This blog is simply meant to encourage you to find that happy medium. Our main focus will be acts 20! If every Christian could understand the concepts I’m going to lay out, I believe […]

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Epistemology: Theory (part 1)

Epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief. I know you must be thinking how can a Christian blogger possibly see the need to dive into this topic? Well, simple! To help other believers form a foundation in the realm of apologetics! For that aspect we will save the details until we are in […]

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Worth: the price of you!

Talk about complete opposites, the world and Jesus. Your worth is actually the essential point that separates the two. Your worth is a topic that so many “fight” for, but so few “fulfill”. The world will “build” you up to take what they can, while Jesus will “pour” you out to give you what only […]

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Stand firm

In this weekends past conference we focused on “identity”. And honestly it’s not just a topic young people deal with, adults do too. See, many of you hold your identity in things just like: politics, sports, or fashion. But how in this crazy, always changing society due we who claim Jesus stand firm?? I believe […]

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Nightmares & righteousness

Our dreams are always such an unique avenue of entertainment. For most of us we can handle scary movies as long as they aren’t in our minds while we sleep! But what does the Bible say about nightmares? The answers are actually found in the concept of Gods gift of righteousness. You see, dreams actually […]

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