Failure, a good thing?

This past week I heard a quote that has stuck with me drastically. This world has created such a stigma that we must not fail, and if we do we must make a reason/ excuse why. Failing is no longer a way of life, but a sign of weakness. Even if you are not a […]

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Vet techs & Jesus

coming up on nine years in and out of my veterinarian hospital as a technician and receptionist I have realized something very unique about this profession.We work in an environment that clearly displays the uniqueness of Gods creation and the depravity of the human condition! Don’t believe me? just ask any vet tech you know about […]

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A beggar guiding a beggar

My prayer is that whoever reads this will gain a new perspective on the reality of poverty in a deeper sense. look, we are all beggars going through life looking for that one thing to make us rich! I pray that through this post I might be able to be a guiding sign for those […]

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Car accident and Christ!

This post came about as I was reflecting on some sermons I have done, one being on the Red Sea! This will also give you a glimpse in to my testimony! At the end I have a very important question for whoever is reading this….. So often do I look back and reflect on the […]

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Primitive & Obscene

These two words, primitive and obscene, were used by a man speaking of the sacrifice that Jesus fulfilled on our behalf during a lecture being spoken by R.C. Sprouls. I stumbled upon this story in one of his books in a series called “The Crucial Questions”. During my personal reading in this book, I learned […]

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Freedom to fight for

Most of my days are spent in a veterinarian hospital as a vet tech listening to people talk about their lives, struggles, and ideas. so many of them talk about this amazing land we live in and the freedom we have to do things. and usually, the first thought I have is “Do they truly […]

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Picketing Jesus

Picketing Jesus? Is this about to be a blog about you renouncing your faith or something angry? No…………………… Like I have said from the beginning, this will always be my inner thoughts on things God has laid on my heart during my daily life. So for us today this all began with my church’s sermon for […]

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